Hello there and welcome to WinkelKo.

WinkelKo was born out of my creative mind and love for things that sparkle. I love to make accessories that are a little different and for each of you something special. My creations are all a piece created by me, from my mind and my hands which is why the name, WinkelKo is so fitting. WinkelKo is derived from my background and heritage, my father is Dutch and my mum is Filipino. By combining a Dutch and Tagalog words, WinkelKo translates to My Boutique. And it truly is.

I create handmade resin and polymer clay jewellery, hand rolled by me, wooden jewellery which I have hand painted, custom designed laser cut jewellery and hand crochet / hand knit scarves and accessories.

I also sell items part made by me here in Adelaide, I source laser cut items, photo printed wood, beads, some semi precious stones and ceramic tiles. Sharing my love of glitter, bold colours, pastels, and hopefully something a little bit different, I hope you enjoy these items as much as I did creating them!

WinkelKo is my little escape from the every day…I hope you like the items as much as I did creating them.

I love to make custom orders and meeting customers and fellow creatives at markets, check out my calendar and come visit me to take home your own special piece. If you can’t wait, I have online stores and stockists in Adelaide (check out the rest of my site for details). Contact me for custom orders or if you would like to stock WinkelKo - winkelko@yahoo.com.au. 

Thanks for visiting.